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Accounting Services for your HOA

Slatter Management offers an HOA Accounting Only package for neighborhoods with Homeowners Associations across the US. We understand the challenges a self-managed community faces. Financially managing a Community Association is a complex task full of legal obligations and emotional homeowners.

When Slatter Management partners with your self-managed Homeowners Association, we take on the HOA Accounting role so the Board may focus on the day to day operations.

Request Accounting Services

HOA Accounting Services

Monthly and/or Quarterly Financial Statements

Prompt and accurate reporting

Timely payables and receivables

Record keeping procedures as required by State-wide Real Estate Commission

Members will have the choice of payment by automatic, coupon book, or online payment

At Slatter Management, we provide you with answers to:

  • A Smooth and Seamless Transition to HOA Accounting Services with Slatter Management in as little as five business days.
  • The Challenge of having to collect HOA dues from your neighbors by giving them multiple ways to pay and diligently following up with those who are behind. Slatter provides a professional cushion between your role as a Board member and as a neighbor.
  • Keeping up with the HOA’s bills and financial reports. Our professional accounting staff will maintain accurate records and oversee all accounting matters to include budget and delinquency control.
  • Where do my dues go? What is my money spent on? I never see any financials!” These are questions that many Board members hear repeatedly. Slatter provides timely, clear and concise financial information, providing the Board with the tools you need to have a happy membership.

Slatter Management takes pride in offering Homeowners Associations an economical advantage when trusting us with your HOA accounting needs