Custom HOA Accounting Services that Save Time and Money

HOA Accounting

We understand the challenges a self-managed HOA community faces, especially when it comes to accounting services. Slatter Management is here to partner with you for certified accounting solutions, customized to the needs of your community.

Community management is a complex task full of legal obligations and emotional homeowners. Slatter Management offers an HOA “Accounting Only” package for neighborhoods with homeowners associations across the US. Our HOA accounting experts provide a customized service to ensure that you get the most effective and efficient accounting management possible.

HOA Accounting Services in Greensboro, NC and Beyond

Timely Payables and Receivables

In your company’s Balance sheet, our data entry experts accurately track and report all:

  • Payables and Receivables
  • Ensuring your professional property management team stays up-to-date on your account balance
  • Tracking money due to you as well as the money owed to creditors

We offer a careful review and payment of invoices for operating expenses, due dates, tax bills, and loan payments.

The Ability to Set up Payment by Coupon Book, Online Payment, or Recurring Payment

Find the payment method that works best for your company and for your community homeowners. Your homeowners can make a payment in a number of ways including:

  • Simple, fast recurring payments
  • Quick monthly online payments
  • Payment by a coupon book

Prompt and Accurate Reporting

Our reports are accurate, easy to read, and designed to meet the needs of certified public accountants, bookkeepers, and other professionals on your HOA management team. Our reports can be customized to your exact needs, but often include:

  • Cash Flow summary
  • Property and consolidated Operating Statement detailing income and expenses
  • Budget Comparison showing the month and year-to-date actual versus budgeted income and expenses
  • And more!

We ensure your management team is well equipped with the financial records it needs to make and execute the best decisions for the community.

Recordkeeping Procedures as Required by State-wide Real Estate Commission

As a full-service management team, our management solutions include many recordkeeping services, such as:

  • Same-day deposit of all receipts collected
  • Separate accounting of all funds held in trust
  • Account reconciliation for checking and reserve accounts
  • Payroll services, tax services, and filing
  • And more!

Our goal is to outfit your homeowner association with the necessary tools to make bookkeeping and accounting headaches a thing of the past!

Regular Financial Statements

Association management clients are kept informed of their property's financial performance through monthly or quarterly reports. Our accountants help you update your books and stay on track with your monthly expenses and quarterly goals.

At Slatter Management, We Provide Solutions

We offer HOA accounting services and experience that helps property managers, community management and others build both short and long-term value for their communities. Our top priority rests on knowing that you feel secure in your accounting and finances. When you add Slatter Management to your property management services arsenal, you profit from a host of benefits and can spend less time focusing on the ins and outs of accounting and bookkeeping, and more time making your community the best it can be. We provide expert accounting services to help with:

A smooth and speedy transition.

We transition your community association to our HOA Accounting Services in as little as five business days.

Keeping up with the HOA’s bills and financial reports.

Our professional business accounting staff diligently maintains accurate records and oversees all accounting matters, including budget and delinquency control and the preparation of reports.

The challenge of having to collect HOA dues.

Collect dues from your neighbors easily by giving them multiple ways to pay and diligently following up with those who are behind. Slatter provides a professional cushion between your position as a member of your community association management team and your role as a homeowner.

“Where do my dues go? What is my money spent on? I never see any financials!”

These are issues that many board members hear repeatedly. Slatter provides timely, clear, and concise financial information, providing the board with the financial accounting tools needed to maintain a happy membership.

What They Say

It takes a lot of knowledge and effort for a volunteer board member to keep up with bill-paying, monthly common charge collection, taxes, payroll, financial statements, and budgeting - plus there’s always worry about if you are in full compliance with tax laws. At Slatter Management, we deliver an experienced and professional approach to meet all of the accounting and financial needs of your association management team. 

When Slatter Management partners with your self-managed homeowners association, we take on the HOA accounting role so the Board may focus on maintaining the day to day operations. Reduce the workload of the volunteer Board (and streamline your next Board meeting) by connecting with us. Learn how a partnership benefits your association and takes the headache out of financial management.

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We would be honored to work with your community.

With clients in Greensboro, NC, and across the United States, we help a diverse range of communities. From small self-managed communities that handle finances in-house, to large scale communities that outsource all accounting functions, we have the experience and knowledge to help your community no matter the need or size.

Slatter Management takes pride in offering homeowners associations an economical advantage when trusting us with your HOA accounting needs, and only providing the highest quality of service. Ready to partner and have all your accounting needs be taken care of? Request our HOA accounting services today!