HOA Resident Services Offered By Slatter Management in Greensboro, NC

With more than 20 years in the community association and property management business, our team at Slatter Management in Greensboro, NC, has had plenty of opportunities to learn what homeowners and condo owners want ready access to in order to help them feel like valued residents.

One of the major reasons residents move into community associations is because they want to give their home's value the best chance to grow. This often starts with common areas, such as the entryway, clubhouse, pool, and playground maintenance. However, ensuring individual homeowner compliance with community bylaws regarding details like lawn maintenance and home paint colors is also critically important.

Our Slatter Management team is committed to offering online resident services that make it easy to look up information and learn about your:

  • Rights as a homeowner or condo owner living in a community association
  • Responsibilities if you wish to make improvements to your home or grounds
  • Board meetings, block parties, and other events happening in your community
  • Monthly association dues payment options and history

We also strive to make it easy for you to access forms necessary to report any maintenance issues, submit architectural requests, and carry out other actions. Below you'll find a description of some of the content in the Residents section of our homeowners' association management company website, along with links to those pages containing relevant information.


HOA Payment Options

Paying your monthly HOA dues doesn't have to be a challenge. That's why we offer a variety of payment methods that allow you to pay your dues in a timely fashion, including:

  • Paying in person with a money order or personal check at the Slatter Management offices here in Greensboro
  • Using a coupon booklet, which you can request by emailing or calling our Slatter Management office
  • Arranging for a free auto-draft deducted from your bank account on the 10th of every month by completing our payment form available on the HOA payment options page.
  • Setting up an online banking transfer if you bank with Pinnacle Bank or North State Bank, much like you would with any other utility provider or vendor

Registering an account with your community association website at the link provided on our HOA payment options page. If you choose this option, a 3.25% fee applies to all credit and debit cards, and the added cost for e-check processing is $1.99 per transaction.


Maintenance Requests for Your Greensboro Homeowners’ Association

When you're paying dues to live in a Greensboro homeowners' association, we understand that you expect that the grounds are well-maintained and that resident amenities should always be in working order and safe. If you notice something in disrepair, please report it using our online HOA maintenance request form immediately. We'll get one of our carefully vetted contractors on the job to address the situation right away.


Greensboro, NC Homeowners’ Association Community Association Websites

One of the advantages of living in an HOA or condo association is being involved in a community of like-minded individuals who want to do what's necessary to preserve or enhance property values and have a say as to how to best achieve that goal. Your community's website is the gateway that allows you to:

  • View your association calendar, including club and board meetings
  • Make, modify, and track work orders
  • Set up, modify, or make association payments and pay other fees and also see your payment history
  • Look up HOA members
  • Email your association's board and our team here at Slatter Management


HOA Forms and Documents

Many HOA residents may wish to make modifications or improvements to their properties but can't simply hire a contractor and apply for a building permit with the local jurisdiction to initiate work. HOA members must review their specific community's governing documents, accessible through the online portal mentioned above and also after reading the guidelines for submitting an architectural request, available on the Homeowner Architectural Request page here on our Slatter Management website. 

Residents who wish to move forward in applying for the exterior change request can do so but must not initiate any work until their community board or architectural control committee (ACC) approves their request.


Homeowner Association Architecture Requests

There are a few different forms that may come in handy as a resident of an HOA or condo association, which you can find on our HOA Forms & Documents Downloads page here on our Slatter Management website, including:

  • State statutes regarding your rights, such as the Chapter 47 North Carolina Condominium Act and Chapter 47F North Carolina Planned Community Act
  • Financial forms, such as the automatic draft and the change to existing automatic draft forms
  • A homeowner concern form in which residents can report violations of the HOA declaration


Frequently Asked Questions About Homeowners’ Associations

It's commonplace for individuals who have never lived in a homeowners' or condo association to have questions about how they work. That's why our team at Slatter Management has taken the time to compile answers to common questions about HOAs and condo associations. 

Keep in mind that each Greensboro, NC area community association has its own bylaws or covenants, so you may want to consult the documents you received prior to closing on your home to ensure you're reading the most updated and relevant information.

Reaching Out for Additional Insight on Your Community Association

While we hope that the information provided above helps address some of your homeowners' or condo owner's association concerns, we understand that navigating something new and different may present challenges. We also realize that not all issues are one-dimensional and may have unique complexities requiring further discussion.

Our Slatter Management team is more than willing to discuss your needs and point you in the right direction of the next steps to follow if we can't help. Please don't hesitate to contact us at our Greensboro, NC homeowners' association and property management team if you need us.