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All Associations managed by Slatter Management now have their own website.

The site includes access to your account and provides ways to pay online. Please ensure you click HERE to complete your registration.

Registration is important to ensure you receive updates on your community via email. Please note, email addresses are used for HOA purposes only.

A reminder that the new lockbox address for HOA payments is:

PO Box 98925
Raleigh, NC 27624-8925

Who We Are

Slatter Management is an HOA management company that expertly takes on the challenge of managing your Homeowners Association for you. We don't spend our time telling communities what they can't do, but rather what they CAN do. With decades of HOA management in Greensboro, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas, Slatter Management is here to provide state of the art property management for your Homeowner Association. With professional managers, knowledgable staff and the best resources to meet community needs, we have all the right tools to make your HOA community a success.

A Full Complement of HOA Management Services

At Slatter Management, we go above and beyond to make your HOA community the best it can be. From outstanding HOA, townhouse, and condo management services, to clubhouse and pool maintenance, we can handle it all with our full suite of HOA services. 

HOA Management Services

Slatter Management is an HOA management company in the Triad area of NC that takes on the challenge of managing your Homeowner's Association for you in a positive and proactive manner. Read More >

Clubhouse Management

We also take on the challenge of managing community areas and clubhouses within your Homeowners Association, Townhouse or Condominium. Impress residents with our great staff and management services. Read More >

Townhome Management

Slatter Management also provides Townhome management services to Townhome Associations and Townhome communities with a positive and encouraging attitude. Read More >

Condo Management

Condominium communities face unique challenges due to the close proximity of the homes and shared use of common spaces. We understand these concerns and are here to provide expert leadership and management services. Read More >

HOA Accounting

Our Nationwide HOA Accounting services are available for community associations nationwide. We take on this role so that the Board may focus on the day to day operations that make your community great. Read More >

Pool Services

You can cross all those time-consuming pool management tasks off your list. We provide year-round and seasonal pool maintenance, including the provision of pool staff, maintaining repairs, and other essential resources. Read More >

Why People Choose Us

Our positive, proactive, and problem-solving approach is why communities come to us from other Association and property management companies and stay with us for many, many years. We provide constant communication with our communities and have a lightning-fast response time, making clear communication a priority. We strive to work alongside our clients to create unique solutions that fit each community's needs and promote the best experiences possible.

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